Join Bags on Boards!

Also Known As "Cornhole"
Enrichment Day: Wednesdays
Enrichment Time: 5:00P - 6:00P

A looooooong time ago (last year around November) in a land far, far away (Wrigleyville in Chicago), Rockstar Reimer, Ms. "Z-Unit" Ziegler, Jager the Juggernaut, Power Ranger Patel, The Gazelle Ms. Yarrington, and myself embarked on a journey to become the best Bags players in the world the USA Chicago Muchin! After weeks and weeks of intense practice, Ms. Yarrington and I completely DOMINATED the competition at Muchin. (Sidenote: This may or may NOT be a complete lie). While ripping the competition to shreds, we also developed a love for the game and figured it would be a game that our kiddies would love too. So, without further delay, we bring you *insert drumroll* Muchin Bags!

-Mr. Green (HULK SMASH!)

PS: This enrichment is limited to 16 scholars ONLY. There will be 8 teams of two to compete in this tournament style competition. You may join with a friend or find a
partner after you join, but remember SPACE IS LIMITED.

Week 1 - Team Assignment, Rules to the Game, and Fair Competition Practices
Week 2 - Design and Paint your own boards with (approved) Muchin and Chicago Themes!
Week 3 - Tournament Style Play begins. There will be prizes for our tournament champs. Game On!!!

For a sample, view the video below! (I'm no where near this good.)

Enrichment Description
Get a head start on a game that’s played at hundreds of colleges nationwide! The game of Bags (or Cornhole on some campuses) combines dexterity, hand-eye coordination, aim, precision, teamwork, mental math, and FUN to generate a great time.

Enrichment Objectives

Because Bags is a competitive activity, it is important that certain lessons be taught during play.
1) It is important to support your teammate no matter their ability level. Help them become better through encouragement, not ridicule.
2) Enjoy the competition. Play to Win! At the same time, respect your competition and win or lose with grace and dignity.
3) Win or lose, the most important thing is to have FUN!

external image cornhole.jpg
external image indianapolis-colts-corn-hole-board.jpg
external image blue%20corn%20hole_row.png
external image Pro-Series-Cornhole_Classic-University-Back.jpg