Class of 2014 ECS

Class of 2014 Early College Scholars/Summer of a Lifetime!
Tuesdays: 5-6pm
Ms. Mikolich

Course Summary: ECS is a college readiness program. The program offers in depth exposure to college material, leadership opportunities, and college related field trips. College scholarship opportunities and enrichment credit will also be available to students who participate. During the sophomore year of ECS, students will work on the application process of Summer of a Lifetime programs for the summer of 2012. Students who want to participate in Summer of a Lifetime, must be enrolled in the ECS enrichment class.

What is Summer of a Lifetime?
Summer of a Lifetime is a Noble Network program sponsored by The Right Angle Foundtaion. The Right Angle Foundation was started by Mr. and Mrs. Milkie to provide scholarships to Noble Network students to attend summer college programs. The goal of the program is for students to have a college experience early in their high school careers which will impact how they view themselves academically and influence their desire to succeed in high school so that they may successfully enroll in college.
There are a variety of programs offered on college campuses throughout the Chicagoland area as well out-of-state programs. Some require students to live on campus whereas others give students the option of living at home. The classes that students take through the summer college programs count towards enrichment requirement. In some cases, they will also earn college credit, which means they can transfer their summer credit(s) to the college in which they enroll.

*Interested students must apply to be in this program*
Applicatant Criteria:
  1. 1. Attend weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 5pm
  2. 2. Maintain a 3.0 GPA, or commit to tutoring to raise your GPA if it falls below at 3.0

Application Information:
  • Application due in Ms. Mikolich's Mailbox by 5pm on Thursday, October 27th.
  • Students will be notified about their acceptance by Monday, October 31st.
  • Tuesday, November 1st will be the first Sophomore ECS class