Course Description:
Welcome to Glee Club! By audition only, scholars will be able to join a song and dance group that allows each member to shine. Glee Club provides in depth lessons on vocal performance as well as skills that they will use while performing musical numbers. Scholars involved in the program will learn how to sing properly and add dance to music while singing popular songs and repertoire.

Big Goals:
Scholars will be able to perform a song in front of the student body, faculty and staff.
Scholars will learn basic vocal techniques.
Scholar will learn basic dance steps to add to their vocal basics.


Auditions will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (9/13-9/15) in Room 702 from 5-6pm.
Sign up for a spot outside Ms. Chen's Room, 702.

Guest Performers: MIT Logs

Glee Club performing at the Northwestern Hospital