Introduction to Popular Electronic Music Composition and Technology
Enrichment Trimester: September 15th-October 31st 2011

Instructor: Eric Fernandez

The course introduces the fundamental techniques to analyze and compose popular electronic music in the 21stcentury. The course will cover how beats are made, how to use samples, and how to arrange the two to create a song in a very hands-on approach. The final project will be a group project to write a 1 to 2 minute song in any genre.
This course will introduce basic analytical techniques for contemporary popular electronic music by breaking down the different fundamental aspects of music. The students will learn how to incorporate basic musical ideas through trial and error via music software. Two mini projects will be completed before the groups work on the final composition. Each group will create a 1-2 minute song utilizing the different techniques covered throughout the course. On the last day of class the students will present their compositions and give a short explanation about their process to a public audience.

  • o Understand the basic fundamentals of music
  • o Learn a few basic functions of the music software
  • o Compose a song using these fundamentals