Musical: Little Shop of Horrors
Tuesdays: 5-6pm
Ms. Chen, Ms. Fortner & Ms. McCorkle

Course Summary: Welcome to MCP’s first ever Musical! By audition only, scholars will be able to join a song and dance group that allows each member to shine. Students will learn how a production is made. It is a long term process from the audition to closing night. There are multiple facets to a musical and this will involve students in all different aspects: lighting, set design, music, singing, acting, and dancing. Students will learn how to memorize lines, dramatic tools, as well as experience what it’s like to be on stage and perform for a large audience.

Big Goals:

  • Scholars will be able to put on a musical with all facets included: lights, sound, stage set, acting, singing, and dancing.
  • Scholars will learn basic vocal techniques.
  • Scholar will learn basic dance steps to add to their vocal basics.
  • Scholar will learn how to operate lights and sound.
  • Scholar will learn how to make props and sets for the stage.